To Wet the Other Eye with Russian!

Hello man!

How is it going? Are you alone now? Forget for a while online games, videos and other bullshit!

Alexander the Sailor

Night is falling and you wanna to brighten up your loneliness with someone cool and authentic? I have an awesome option and invite you to take a drop with Alexander! He’s a sailor. He knows the taste of hard sea work and the value of leisure during slow chatting in the crew-saloon. I invite you to taste the Russian Vodka ‘Beluga’ with him.

Are you ready?

Welcome to the North of Russia, to the small town, where you could come across with a wild bear! Don’t be afraid! You’ll be with Alexander the veteran of sailing and a cool buddy!

2802S In English ВИДЕО РЕПОСТ

‘WANDERERS’ The short science fiction film by Erik Wernquist

It’s not a new release and a last bestseller, but…

This short film was created in 2014. But I wanted to remind this, especially in Russian below. That could be like a deep childish remeniscence about places and items that we had in early age and which had lost during a time. Our mind and eyes prefer look on vastness. That’s why we enjoy to look on a sea horizon or starry night sky. And the further and bigger we can look, than more admiration we will experience.

And another one thing. This isn’t an absolutely fiction, but the digital handling of a REAL landscapes. For example, this martian terrific mountain Cape Verde, shot by ‘Oportunity’ in 2007, transformed there into the breathtaking panorama of arriving martian space shuttle. The brief text-review by Erik Wernquist is below. I sure, that won’t be the waste of time.


is a short science fiction film by Erik Wernquist (that´s me) — a digital artist and animator from Stockholm, Sweden.

The film is a vision of our humanity’s future expansion into the Solar System. Although admittedly speculative, the visuals in the film are all based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens. All the locations depicted in the film are digital recreations of actual places in the Solar System, built from real photos and map data where available. For those interested in learning more of the places featured in the film, I recommend turning to the gallery section.

The title WANDERERS refer partly to the original meaning of the word «planet». In ancient greek, the planets visible in the sky were collectively called «aster planetes» which means «wandering star». It also refers to ourselves; for hundreds of thousands of years — the wanderers of the Earth. In time I hope we take that leap off the ground and permanently become wanderers of the sky. Wanderers among the wanderers.

There is no apparent story — other than what you might imagine for yourself — and the idea is primarily to show a glimpse of the fantastic and beautiful nature that surrounds us on our neighboring worlds — and above all, how it might appear to us if we were there.

As some may notice I have borrowed ideas and concepts from science fiction authors such as Kim Stanley Robinson and Arthur C. Clarke, just to name a few. And visually, I of course owe many tips of my hat to painter Chesley Bonestell — the legendary master of space art.

More directly, with kind permission from Ann Druyan I have also borrowed the voice of astronomer and author Carl Sagan to narrate the film. The audio I used are excerpts from his own reading of his book ‘Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space’ (1994, Random House) — needless to say, a huge inspiration for this film.


The Right Path

I feel lost in darkening woods. Diming moonlight shines through branches. Many paths lay before me and within them, trails begin without end. My eyes flicker. They are all so beautiful. My gaze turns from one to the next. An array of choices lay before me.

I stare at the first, to my left. I suddenly feel empowered; confident. As if I could accomplish anything. I sense that pride and self-accomplishment stand at the end of this path, yet loneliness is there also.

I gaze at the second; many trails spread from this one, small and big. All of them assorted with specific values paired with emotions. A path of selflessness. Generosity and happiness; education and fulfillment; learning and growth; exploration and fascination; activities and joy. However, loneliness still stands in the distance. His arms welcoming me.

I look at the last, to my right. It is by far the most beautiful. Colors I have never seen; indescribable. They seem to come together and intertwine. I feel overwhelmed by happiness and comfort as if I would not be alone if I were to walk this path.

I am submerged with hesitation; What if I can never turn back? What if forgotten choices offered more? What of my wasted time and efforts? Doubt haunts my decision. I close my eyes; take a deep breath. Conviction guiding my steps, I enter the third path. Not with hope for hope does not promise happiness. I will never know if this path was the best amongst my choices. Yet, I do not regret my decision. I have chosen the third path for whatever may lie ahead, I will not face it alone. If sadness, disappointment or remorse were ever to torment me, I would simply have to stare into its beauty to make them go away. I have choses the third path, because I have already decided that I will make my own trails in these woods. I will not abide by their laws. However, I know that if I am ever lost, I will always find those beautiful colors in the darkness.

 Source: The Right Path – Happiness By the Page

Листая материалы в сообществе блогеров WP невольно замечаешь ту самую, доминирующую в реальном и виртуальном мирах проблему и трагедию одиночества. Она очевидна как дважды два, для всех в той или иной мере она является основным драйвером ежедневных поступков.

Pics by Pawel Kuczynski source

На то, чтобы избежать одиночества направлено по моим скромным оценкам как минимум две трети нерабочего времени и несомненно, та или иная часть рабочего. В последнее время получаю лайк на свои комментарии и переходы на этот сайт со всех континентов. Замечу, что блоги на всех тех материках практически об одном – о тех или иных, самых разных отношениях в широком или узком кругу. Интернет, блогинг в частности – это и есть ни что иное, как тот самый способ не быть одиноким. И как бы не забалтывали блогеры, политики, публицисты, святые и грешники самих себя, в 99% случаев одиночество – это причина всего доброго и злого в нашем мире.

Вот тот рассказик вверху, он от канадского психолога, несомненно талантливого парня. Дэвид зацепил не пресловутой проблемой одиночества, о которой как о первопричине твержу всем вокруг лет без малого двадцать, а способом решения. Там в тексте что-то общее с моей генетикой и взглядом на жизнь. Поэтому прочёл, перевёл и делюсь переводом с подписчиками.


Middle Age Crisis and the Other Versions

A Table

Once upon a time I had an aged table. My father used it when he was a child and I learned my school lessons using it. Now I’m 39 years old and when I work with my papers at the modern new desktop, I often thinking back on this old Soviet furniture and… feel something special. That is like deep immersion into my distant story, into the bright part of my life.

I left hometown many years ago and of course parted with my table. I don’t know where is it now and what happened with it. My apartment has a new owner. But very often, almost every time when I sit down at my new wonderful table from IKEA, I catch myself thinking, that with this renovation I lost a subtle link with my past, with history, with my own story.

I don’t know how I could explain this phenomenon. What is it? – be bored about and what does lie in the deep essence of being bored? Once when I was a student I wrote down in diary, that I wish only one thing: good working table and time to work. Since that moment my desire didn’t change and in the dreams I want to get my table back. I want to bring back my old desk and not another one, like the hero of Marukami wanted to find an old slot machine from his youth.

Why the old items, that could be broken or destroyed many-many years ago, arise such reminiscences, that suddenly make life volumetric, take us back to the past and have other sort of influences? Well, it could be kinda of middle age crises or something like that and this dull monologue could be absolutely bullshit. But they exist – the ideas of things outside them.

Anyway, do you miss about your child painting or school friends? I think that things are very important and they are like a magic stick, that helping us to compare ourselves with unrealized us and rate us with all our new tables or another useful items, bought yesterday.

I am inclined to believe that items should live their own life like my table should have the kind of posthumous fate, such as Hell or Heaven. Things not die. We are killing things, but they are alive in their worlds, the worlds of ideas.