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By Manuel Raposo

Raposo is the editor of the Portuguese Marxist web magazine jornalmudardevida.net and was a key organizer of the 2004 Portuguese session of the People’s Tribunal on the crimes of imperialism during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

U.S.-NATO pushes Ukraine to the front line

March 4 — In the deluge of propaganda regarding Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, the people of the U.S. and the European Union have the opportunity to see, in a mirror, the actions of their governments during the last few decades. The same goes for the Portuguese authorities and each of the European governments, which have never raised any objection to the military interventions, sanctions and threats of all kinds, originating in the U.S. or the EU itself against countries such as Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Iran or Cuba — all of which are as sovereign as Ukraine.

All the aid now given to Zelensky is only meant to prolong the war to wear Russia down as much as possible at the expense of the Ukrainian population’s sacrifices.


We’ve tried to be Santas

I’ve got big news. Do you remember the text about Christmas presents for kids from Sierra Leone? So, we’ve collected $92, and I sent the money to West Africa. In the photo above you see the street of the capital city Free Town, but those guys live in rural.

I don’t know in-depth about how the money went away, but I’m sure Andrew and Mary’s Christmas was a little bit happier than usual with bought knickknacks. I heartily thank the people who contribute to this venture. We do all the best. In Russia, we sing a children’s song: ‘A smile will make a dull day brighter.’ I believe in Africa and believe in kids in Africa. So, Merry Christmas, Solomon, and your nephews.

On this occasion, I congratulate my friends who don’t know Russian. May your worlds are filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season. I wish you a joy-filled Christmas. Here’s to a year of blessings and beyond. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

New outfit…
…and something sweet to drink

2802S In English

Разбор. Часть IV. Заключение

Автор не вызовет доверия и может даже уважения в православных кругах, но с мнениями таких людей работать по крайней мере интересно. Леонид Давидович Бершидский — журналист, политический аналитик, бывший редакционный директор издательства «Эксмо», обозреватель агентства Bloomberg. В прошлом — главный редактор интернет-сайта Slon.ru. Подробнее.

Не коммунистическое прошлое, а религиозные корни лежат в основе тяготения к авторитаризму и антипатии к Западу


…Сложно не согласиться с выводами  Дьянкова и Николовой. Рассматривая проблему совершенно под другим углом, Иван Забаев, российский социолог (Свято-Тихоновский православный институт), получив правительственный грант на исследования, приходит к тем же выводам.

Особый характер Православия в том, что оно не ставит акцент на профессиональной деятельности, как залоге спасения, но на послушании и смирении в отношениях к (духовно) более опытным людям или тем, кто стоит выше в иерархической лестнице. 

Древние корни и религиозные основы культуры могут иметь большое влияние на выбор национального пути, большее чем рациональные, геополитические или экономические соображения. Если так, православные народы не будут чувствовать себя комфортно в мире, где доминирует Запад и это будет постоянным источником напряжения, которое может падать, но никогда не исчезнет.

Статья не обязательно отражает мнение Bloomberg или его владельцев.

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In English

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers; what a wonderful word, what a precious role, what a sacred work… One that touches human hearts, cultivates spirits, sharpens brains, creates humans…!


Today, on national teachers’ week, our heart goes out to them more than usual, and we send a cordial thank you to all those teachers out there, from nursery school and kindergarten all the way to university, or even teachers of our hobbies… to the teachers who are wise and flexible and kind enough to change their colours and tones like chameleons depending on the various different colours and personalities of children that come their way, all in an aim to get through to them a good message in the best way possible…in order to find a way to speak each child’s specific ways.


To the teachers who inspire respect, love, playfulness, creativity, who spark our imagination and help us see our full potential, who encourage us to follow our dreams and be ourselves…who can be tough and strong yet soft and tender all at once! To the special teachers who have passion for their role, magic in their hearts, healing powers in their palms and witty kindness in their eyes..!


And of course a big reminder to us all that we can all be teachers in this life, being loving and peaceful wise guides to ourselves and therefore a big source of inspiration to all those around us!


Happy National Teachers’ week! We thank you for your vital kind efforts and good intentions..!


Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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Православное христианство – причина экономической пробуксовки

Статья в американском Bloomberg по следам недавнего доклада Всемирного банка о ситуациях в странах, религией которых было и остаётся Православие. Кто автор?

Леонид Давидович Бершидский — журналист, политический аналитик, бывший редакционный директор издательства «Эксмо», обозреватель агентства Bloomberg. В прошлом — главный редактор интернет-сайта Slon.ru. Подробнее.

Леонид Б. не вызовет доверия и может быть уважения в православных кругах, но с мнениями таких людей надо уметь работать всем. На этой или следующей неделе в закрытом режиме разберу текст и комментарии к нему. Чиновники Всемирного банка собрали сухую статистику, но мы неглупые люди – нырнём в Марианскую впадину к самым истокам. До связи.

In English ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЯ события

Blocking the Telegram In Russia. Today’s Flashmob

Russian authorities are blocking the Telegram during last 7 days. If you support free Internet, launch a paper airplane today at 7 p.m. according Moscow time.

And an hour after the end of this flashmob we invite you to collect the airplanes you’ll find nearby your house.


To Wet the Other Eye with Russian!

Hello man!

How is it going? Are you alone now? Forget for a while online games, videos and other bullshit!

Alexander the Sailor

Night is falling and you wanna to brighten up your loneliness with someone cool and authentic? I have an awesome option and invite you to take a drop with Alexander! He’s a sailor. He knows the taste of hard sea work and the value of leisure during slow chatting in the crew-saloon. I invite you to taste the Russian Vodka ‘Beluga’ with him.

Are you ready?

Welcome to the North of Russia, to the small town, where you could come across with a wild bear! Don’t be afraid! You’ll be with Alexander the veteran of sailing and a cool buddy!

2802S In English

The Teacher

student_classroom_hand_raised_college_graduate-e1522287667546His alarm rang loudly. Another weekend already over… Another damn Monday. He tried to appease his anxious mind by speaking to himself: “Only 42 school days left teaching to these ungrateful students! You can do it Dave! Summer vacation is right around the corner”.

2802S In English


soldier-at-doorThese are stories, that I can’t leave without repost. I want to leave that for myself firstly and for you, dear Reader. This are not very long tales. I think the plots was taken from our reality. I think so, but I can be wrong. Very touchingly and unforgettable texts, exactly that I very appreciate. In next posts I will repost David’s stories and another opuses valuable for me. I guess that must be shared out as more as possible.


The soldier walked back home. Home… such a distant memory. It has been so long since he last came here. He stepped up to his front door. He stared blankly at it, unable to make a move. Should he knock, or should he enter? Does he still belong here? Is he still welcome?

2802S In English РЕПОСТ ФОТО

R.I.P. Another 64 Of Which 41 Are The Children

Let that street paintings will be here in commemoration of victims the huge fire in mall, which took away lives of 41 the child and 23 adults. It happend in Russian town Kemerovo. The 41 child died in that nightmare. They all had watched the ‘Peter Rabbit’ cartoon in the cinema inside the shopping mall. How many children is dying around the world because of adult’s negligence?

Below you may see the street pictures by the French artist Julien Seth Malland. He painted his works on the streets of India, China, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa. Pictures show the children, but most of them turned their faces away from us, who as if don’t care about fragility of human beings.

Without words, simply street painting.




















Source: Street Art by Julien Seth Malland – Flow Art Station